Treatment facilities for Distillery effluent and Production of Compost

The Plant

We have Continuous Fermentation Process Distillery of 30,000 liters/day capacity. A Biodigster is provided to reduce organic load in the spent wash, which digests spent wash anaerobically to produce methane, which in turn fuels the Boiler.

We have adopted scientific surface composting as secondary treatment for spent wash generated after primary treatment. A mixing machine is used to mix press mud, spent wash and microbial culture properly. The mixing process continues for 35 days followed by curing for 10 more days to go.

The Compost yard has a capacity to handle 6,000 MT press mud per cycle. Entire yard is as per CREP Norms. It  yields 18,000 MT per year.

From 2011-12 we have started production of enriched compost in bags to increase the soil fertility & it is sold to farmers on no profit no loss basis.


Salient features of our aerobic biocomposting process are

  • Zero Pollution
  • Odourless
  • Destruction of COD/BOD of the effluent
  • High Product Value

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