Last year we have instlled multipal evporation system with CPU for our old 30 KLPD to advance multi pressure distillation system to reduce the pollution load Due to this modification spentwash generation is around 130 cum per day as against earlier 255 cum per day. This has helped us to meet the requirement of the filler materials and convert all the spentwash in composting process to make manure.


We have provided Biomethanation for spentwash generated from above distillery as a primary treatment. A Biodigester is provided to reduce organic load in the spentwash, which digests spentwash anerobically to produce methane, which is used for boiler as fuel.


We have adopted surface composting process as a secondary treatment for the spentwash generated in primary treatment. A mixing machine is used to mix pressmud, spentwash and microbial culture properly. The Compost yard has capacity to handle 6000 MT. pressmud per cycle. It yields 18000 MT of compost per year & sold to farmers on no loss no profit basis.

We have full-fledged primary & secondary treatment and operating the process successfully and utilized 100 % spentwash in composting to achieve zero discharge. We have completed all CREP norms as per CPCB. Guide lines.

Sugar Factory

Last season we have modified our sugar factory and adopt advance technology. After modernization and expansion of sugar and co-generation plant the effluent generation quantity reduced from 380 m3/day to 360 m3/day and decrease in pollution load by 5%. Air emissions also reduced to 100 mg/m3.  Also decrease in pollution load in solid waste and hazardous waste generation.

Water Management

We have reduced the effluent quantity less than 100 lit/tone of cane crushed by segregation waste streams and recycling the water. We are using the entire sugar factory effluent for irrigation purpose only & thus achieving zero discharge on surface water body.

Air Pollution System

We have provided ESP and also wet scrubber as Air pollution control system to reduce the particulate matter emission below 100 mg/NM3.

We have completed all CREP norms as per CPCB Guide lines.

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