Cane Development Scheme

To Increase sugar recovery and yield of best quality sugarcane per hector of land, the Karkhana has implemented Sugar Development Scheme right from 1976. In addition to this with the help of Central and Maharashtra Government a pilot project is also being implemented on some 1,000 hectors of land to increase sugarcane productivity.

Karkhana provides following facilities to the sugarcane growers under these schemes.

Soil Sampling

Soil Samples in the operational area of the karkhana are taken and tested for deficiencies in Soil Testing Laboratory housed in the Karkhana premises. Appropriate action is taken based on the soil sampling report. (Lime, Fertilizers, Micro Nutrients are given to the crop.)

Sugarcane Seed Plots

Hygenetic and pure seed yields 15 to 20 % more sugar production, as such Karkhana has developed foundation seed plots on its own as well as on sugar cane grower’s farms. Foundation and certified seed is produced from these farms and supplied to the farmers. The Karkhana aims at developing 10 hectors of Foundation seed plots in 2009-2010 and 100 hectors in 2010-2011.

Sugarcane Seed Treatment

The seed is treated for chemical and biological process before being soiled to control crop diseases and pest. Requirement of Nitrogen for the crop is also reduced by 25 % . Karkhana gat offices supply Bavistin, Rogor, Azotobactor, Azosperillium, phosphrus, soluble bacteria as per the requirements.

Basal Dose

It is very important to give a basal dose of chemical fertilizers at the time of plantation to increase per hector yield of sugarcane. Karkhana supplies IFFCO 10:26:26, IFFCO 12:32:16, Urea through the gat offices.

Green Manuring

Excessive use of water, chemical fertilizers and recurrence of the same crop declines the fertility of the soil. Natural fertilizers play an important role in improving the fertility of the soil and increase the productivity of the crop. Karkhaha supplies 50 Kgs. of sun-hemp seed per hector.

Weedicides & Insecticides

Weeds from the crop is required to be rooted out time to time. To control the diseases, Weedicides and pesticides are supplied to the farmers at very economical rates. Under this, Attratap, Widar, Gramozone, Goal, Sencor, Tatametri are supplied for Weeds removal and Thimet, Foret, Rogor, BHC are for insects.

Use of Micro Nutrients

Sugar cane crop requires Sulphur, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Boron in addition to Notrogen, Phosphrus and Potash. These micro nutrients are supplied by the Karkhana. Also, the soils whose PH is less than 6.5 are supplied with 0.5 ton of Lime per acre, by the Karkhana.


Organic fertilizers are essential to improve the fertility of soil. Molasses (Press Mud) which is a by product of Sugar, is processed with spent wash and culture to form best quality compost fertilizer at our Satarde farm. This Compost is delivered at very economical rate to the farmers at their farms as per their demand.

Agricultural Equipments

Karkhana supplies Bull Ploughs, spray pumps for proper making of the soil. Karkhana aims at providing 20 power trillers through the pilot project. A subsidy of Rs. 5,000/- is given on purchase of each Power Triller/Rota vetor.

Gobar Gas Project

In a view to get best quality compost for the farms and gas for cooking, the Karkhana is implementing Gobar Gas Scheme from 1978. Sugar cane gowers, who have cattle feeds and enough space for erecting gobar gas tank are included in this scheme. For erecting the gobar gas plant, Karkhana authorities provide valuable guidance to the farmers. In addition, gives Rs. 2500/- as subsidy to each plant. So far some 13,878 odd farmers are beneficiated from this scheme.

Kumbhi Kasari Organic Soil Conditioners

Increased prices of chemical fertilizers imbalance and its excess use causes effect on soil fertility. Due to this serious matter, our karkhana has produced a standard quality of Organic Soil Conditioners like Kumbhi Kasari Gold, Kumbhi Kasari Silver, Kumbhi Kasari Bronze. This products are available at minimum price to the members of factory on the basis of ‘no loss no profit’ at centre office.

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