Organisation Overview

Co-operative Organization [since 1964]

Total number of Share Holders : 23,741

Total numbers of Shares : 24,764

Total number of cane suppliers :

Number of villages in the Area of Operation : 179

Area of Operation :

The area of operation of Karkhana is spread in 5 talukas and 179 villages. Taluka wise break up of villages is as follows

S.No. Taluka No.Of Villages.
01. Karveer 45
02. Panhala 76
03. Gaganbavada 31
04. Shahuwadi 19
05. Radhanagari 08


Share Holders (Members) and Share Capital :

There are 23,741 A-class share holders and 393 B-Class share holders. A -Class share holders are Cane grower members where as Multi purpose co operative and irrigation societies are B– class share holders. Nominal members, individuals and merchants form C-class share holders.

which are divided as follows :

  • Shares with Face value of Rs. 10,000/- each amounting to Rs. 25 crores, reserved for sugar cane producers.
  • Shares with Face value of Rs. 10,000/- each amounting to Rs. 40 Lacks, reserved for multi purpose Co operative and irrigation societies and non member sugarcane producers.
  • Preference Shares with Face value of Rs. 10,000 each amounting to Rs. 5 Crores 50 Lacks, distributed to Government of Maharashtra on returnable basis.



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