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Sugar Export :

The factory has started exporting Sugar through Merchants and Exporters from the Season 2001-2002. The exports has reached 8,69,934 quintals against 44,91,470 quintals of Sugar produced till 2007-2008. This amounts to 19.37 % of the total Sugar production. The ICUMSA of  Sugar being below 100, exporters prefer Kumbhi Brand Sugar for exports.

Sugar Marketing :


1.           Since long Government of India is implementing Duel Policy of   Sugar under the Essential Commodity Act 1955 i.e. levy sugar as required by Government of India and factories are permitted to sale non levy sugar in the  open market.

2.         The Govt.Of India has amended vide Notification No. 535 dt. 24-09-2010  the levy percentage from 20 % to 10% from 01-10-2010 for the production of  2010-2011  season. 

3.        The Government of India vide GSR No. 527(E)/Ess.Com/Sugar dated 21 st June, 2010, declared levy Sugar Prices with increasing Rs. 400.11 per quintal compared to previous season price i. e. from Rs. 1346.38  to 1746.49 for the season 2009-2010  season's production. 

4.           The Govt. of India fixing levy &  non levy sugat quota for each month declaring by total quantity & alloting levy and non levy sugar quantity proportionately to each sugar factory on monthly basis and directing sugar factories to sale and dispatch sugar stipulated period.

5.           Non levy sugar quota is released by Govt. of  India on monthly  basis and Government has restricted to sale & despatch this monthly quota in that month only.  If the quota is not sold and despatched at the end of each month , that quantity is to be diverted to levy.

            For  Dec. 2010 Central Government has alloted  58,887 Bags of  Non Levy Sugar and these  are  to be sold by 31  Dec.  2010.


           We are a well established Co operative Sugar factory in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra State, producing fine quality of white sugar which most of the sugar Dealers and merchants prefer to purchase since beginning.